Here Are 3 Damn Mistakes That Will Kill Your Sales OnFacebook E-Commerce

//Here Are 3 Damn Mistakes That Will Kill Your Sales OnFacebook E-Commerce

Here Are 3 Damn Mistakes That Will Kill Your Sales OnFacebook E-Commerce

Selling on Facebook is a gold ore in this decade. When you are seeking for a strategy to save your costs, Facebook is the better option. You have an opportunity to sell your products for free or advertise them to a wider audience with little investment. Also, you are aware that business is a social affair. Being on the largest social platform allows you to engage your customers socially.

You have a chance to get customers; feedback and views. This feedback helps you to improve the value of your product and harness your customer services. By this, you induce more sales and profit levels. However, making some mistakes can kill your online hustle permanently. Here are 3 damn mistakes which can frustrate your Facebook e-commerce:

Failing to offer timely responses to your customers

Customers expect you to be social on Facebook. You must be available to interact and share ideas with them. Also, you must offer immediate responses to their queries. The customer needs some additional information about your offers to complete their purchasing process.

For this reason, you must come up with away or offering time response. Ignoring this aspect by taking forever to answer your customer queries will create a sense of ant-social. Hence, the potential clients will seek for other alternatives to purchase their products leading to a lost sale.

Posting boring posts and videos

Facebook is a social platform. It is a place for sharing jokes and harnessing social interaction. People are on this platform to enjoy and have some fun. For this reason, if you want to convert this audience buyers, you must pay for the same approach. Be social and offer fun. All your posts should put a smile on your targets face. Presenting boring videos and posts will lead to a scroll down regardless of what you are sell. Remember, your content must fulfill the fun and socialness that your prospects are searching on Facebook. If you ignore the two aspects, you should expect driving zero sales.

Failing to offer a buy button

The best way to strengthen your customer relationship is serving them with their favorite cup. You need to offer a service to them according to their preferences. One of this aspect is having a buy button on your Facebook offers. Customers want to buy products without living their chats. So, you need to fulfill this desire through a buy button. Otherwise, do not expect sales if you ignore this aspect.

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